Do your bosses walk the talk?

Harvard Business Review researchers found that top executive support is critical to building a collaborative culture. The following are defined attributes of collaborative top executives.

Click and select any quality that applies to your top executives

Invests resources in social relationships outside of work

Clearly defines goals and work priorities

Encourages trust & sharing across barriers. Leads by example.

What about your extended team?

Studies have found (Fleming and Waguespack 2007; Tsai and Ghoshal 1998) that organizational connections should span boundaries - across teams, departments, offices. Such bridging ties are associated with higher organizational outcomes. These practices are reinforced through certain cultural practices embedded in the organization.

Which of the following practices do you see in your organization. Select all that apply.

Formal rules require us to consult outside our team

We talk a lot about working with members of other teams

People who work with other teams get promoted more

Let's decide together

Teams that decide together, win together. Participative decision making is essential to a collaborative workplace and is highly correlated with project team performance (DeLuca, Valacich, 2008; Garland, 2009).

Does everyone pitch into key team decisions, or is it the boss all the way? Select one.

We all do!

It's the boss..

I like it around here, actually

Commitment, or a worker's identification with their role and organization's values positively impacts multiple parameters - collaboration, productivity, job satisfaction (Meyer, Allen, 1997). It is also positively correlated with team cohesion (e.g., Klein, Mulvey, 1995; Wech et al., 1998).

What would your teammates say, in their heart of hearts? Select one.

It's kinda fun working around here

I am outta here at the first given opportunity

Tech savvy matters

In the right situation, technology can be transformative. A McKinsey study found that companies using modern social tools rely less on traditional communication modes, communicate more often, & are able to self organize teams.

Which of the following collaborative technologies do you use?


Chat software like Skype

Video conferencing tools like WebEx

Persistent video & chat solutions like and Slack

Social collaboration platforms like Office 365 and HyperOffice

Customer collaboration tools like Intercom and CX

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